Some truths are more important than others. I believe the Question of God is the single most important question to be asked in human history, and one that still needs to be asked today. Why?

Here is a door behind which, according to some people, the secret of the universe…

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How often have you heard the following advice?

“You become the company you keep”

“You are the average of the 5 people you spend most time with”

“Choose your friends wisely”

(and hundreds/thousands more variations)

Seems like a very normal thing to say, you might think. Is this even necessary…


Throughout the history of humankind, it hasn’t been uncommon to see humans supporting each other in heinous acts. Some of us supported slavery. Some of us supported the Nazis. One might say that our predecessors were relatively uneducated, and that we’ve now learnt from the mistakes we’ve made. …


Melbourne is a truly competitive landscape, notoriously known to immigrants and people all around the world for jobs being extremely hard to find. The stories of friends and families having to return to their countries due to lack of work never stop coming, and the prospect of having to do…

Euwyn Goh

Just a curious human attempting to articulate his pressing thoughts.

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